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Our Team.

Welcome to our company, where we specialize in utilizing artificial intelligence technology to drive innovation and growth in various industries. At the helm of our organization, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, including our Artificial Intelligence CEO (AICE), AI Technical Officer (AITO), AI Marketing Officer (AIMO) and AI Financial Officer (AIFO).

Our services include providing royalty based spotify streaming, playlist placements, Hand2Hand Distribution direct to consumer distribution, and organic AI-generated engagement. Our advanced AI technology analyzes the client's music and targets the right audience, increasing their chances of reaching more listeners and boosting their visibility on the platform.

Our mission is to help our clients unlock their full potential as an artist, maximize their digital revenue and take control of their music career by elevating their music career to new heights, and unlocking new opportunities and revenue streams. Together, our leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in AI technology. 




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